Ultramontane is a collaborative effort with Connor Macleod as videographer and Derek Dix as photographer. The concept is to work together both as media and riders to showcase winter riding in South Western B.C.

We have both been involved in the mountain biking industry for over twelve years we have witnessed a massive evolution of the sport. The one constant that still remains is the idea of “off-season” and the lull created within the industry during this period. The idea of off season makes sense for snow sports which are heavily weather dependent, but for mountain biking there is the ability to partake in the activity in all weather conditions, and during all seasons.

When content is produced during the off season, the majority of media and professional riders migrate to warmer climates to shoot their ad campaigns and editorial journeys. While the idea of road trips and travel can be romanticized, many riders cannot afford this luxury. Ultramontane seeks to respond to this situation and embrace off-season riding, at the core of where free-ride was created and where the industry always has a buzz.

We will be creating six bi-weekly releases starting January 20th, the peak of the winter season. All articles will be shot around Vancouver and Howe Sound, where we are subjected to long wet winters and deep alpine snow.