• Ultramontane No. 06

    Before we get into anything with this release… Here’s the kicker. We’re done – For the time being. This release saw some great ends of the spectrum weather wise with … Continue reading

  • Ultramontane No. 05

    Let’s be honest. I’ve gotten all nostalgic about the passing weeks almost every opener of every entry. I’ll save you the headache and cut to what I think so far … Continue reading

  • Ultramontane No. 04

    There you have it. Everyone can rest easily, it finally snowed down in the city again… And it’s gone already. While we have been dealing with a somewhat low snow-line … Continue reading

  • Ultramontane No. 03

    Two weeks later and another release… In that time frame we had some sun (which can be a rare sight), some cloud, and some light rain. Nothing compared to the … Continue reading

  • Ultramontane No. 02

    Since the last release it’s been two weeks. As the crow flies…14 days. That one is for a measure of distance not time.Think about it. There have been wet days, … Continue reading

  • Ultramontane No. 01

    Since we released the Ultramontane Preview on December 23, we have received an incredibly positive response. This pushed us through to today, with a drive to come out the gate … Continue reading

  • Ultramontane Preview

        We have been involved in the mountain biking industry for over twelve years, and both of us have witnessed a massive evolution of the sport. The one constant … Continue reading